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I remember wearing pigtails as a little girl and loving it. I loved the way my hair bounced and swished from side to side whenever I walked. I thought it was quite the thing. I would carefully deliberate on what color hair ribbons to wear and smugly thought myself as cute as a pup. Really, as a curly-haired girl in a country where most everyone had gleaming straight locks, a moment of bright-eyed, optimistic hair-love is truly a treasured memory.

As I watch my daughter today, bounding ahead of me, with those two very same pigtails, ringlets bouncing jauntily, it throws me back to those carefree times of childhood, when everything was exciting and my years-long battle with my wild locks was yet far in my future. I smile and thank God that I have the chance to revisit, and re-experience, those rose-colored nooks and crannies of time, all through this spunky little package C and I have been gifted with.

C remembers this spaghetti. If not technically from his childhood then from the time when he still lived with his mother. P. Cruz is the street where he lived and thus we’ve dubbed this P. Cruz Spaghetti. I hardly ever use mince in pasta sauce (except for meatballs), but to recreate C’s homely favorite, I break my own rules.

P. Cruz Spaghetti
500 grams spaghetti or linguine, or any other long pasta of your choice
Olive oil
1 white onion, chopped
8 cloves garlic, minced and divided
500 grams ground sirloin
2 teaspoons Italian seasoning
250 grams fresh button mushrooms
1 kilo canned chopped tomatoes
1/4 cup water to rinse out the can
1 1/2 tablespoon tomato paste
2 teaspoons sugar
Salt and pepper

- Prepare the pasta as per package instructions in well-salted water. Keep some of the pasta cooking water aside in case you need it.
- Heat a heavy-based pot over medium-high heat. Add a couple of generous swirls of olive oil. When the oil is hot add the onions and half the garlic and sauté until the onions are soft and translucent. Add the Italian seasoning and stir, sautéing until the smell of the dried herbs wafts up.
- To this add the ground beef and sauté, stirring, until the beef browns, breaking up any clumps. At this point remove as much or as little of the oil that the beef renders.
- Add the tomatoes, the water (rinsing out the can in which the tomatoes came), tomato paste, sugar, salt and pepper to the pot. Stir everything together and simmer over low heat, stirring occasionally, for 30 minutes to an hour, crushing the chunks of tomato against the side of the pot with your wooden spoon. I sometimes let this go for even longer. You want the sauce to cook down, becoming thick and pulpy, and the flavors of the sauce to meld into the meat.
- While the sauce is simmering (or even while you are making it if you are more dexterous) get on with your mushrooms. Heat a large skillet over medium high heat. Add a good glug of olive oil and when the oil is hot add the mushrooms and the rest of the garlic. Add a scattering of salt and pepper and sauté until the mushrooms soften and become golden. You want them to release their juices and then have those juices evaporate so the mushrooms' flavors intensify. When done, add this to the tomato sauce and carry on cooking until the sauce is done, tasting first to adjust the seasoning.
- Serve with grated parmesan cheese and garlic bread if you want to be faithful to the P. Cruz way.

Some caveats here. I know the thought of adding sugar to pasta sauce may seem scandalous to some, and I don’t usually, but this is the P. Cruz way and I am not one to stand between my husband and his nostalgia. Besides, I honestly think that, used scrupulously, a little sugar can take the edge of canned tomatoes, you just need to strike a good balance. In any case, if it goes against your beliefs, by all means leave it out.

The Italian seasoning, that little bottle of mixed dried herbs by McCormick that you can find in most supermarkets, is also essential to the spirit of the original dish. So yes, fresh herbs are fabulous, and as far as dried herb/spice mixes are concerned there are more sophisticated ones, but, again, we are going for the taste of nostalgia here.

All that being said, I must be honest and confess that I couldn’t help make some adjustments. The original was made with tomato sauce but I really, really prefer canned tomatoes. Also, the original used canned mushrooms but since we can get such great fresh ones locally (I get mine from theMinistry of Mushrooms), and fresh are really so much better than canned, I use fresh here.

So I supposed I wasn’t that diligent about strictly adhering to tradition. Oh well. We make our own marks on recipes. Perhaps little C will add her own tweaks one day. I hope she does. In the meantime I am content to stir this pot and thankful to enjoy childhood a second time around.
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- China can learn from India’s tax whistleblowing rewards
- China can learn from India’s tax whistleblowing rewards
- China can learn from India’s tax whistleblowing rewards
- Do pour out the tea
- Do pour out the tea

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 Logistics firm Cainiao tests drone helicopter for delivery Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

  A parcel delivered by the Cainiao Network, the logistics unit of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba, is seen in Ji'nan, East China's Shandong province, Nov 27, 2017.[Photo/IC]

These are some of the most important aspects that one must note while choosing corporate gifts and extending the same. If you too wish to get some unique gift items, you can check out options as Asia premium corporate gift.

  NANCHANG -- Cainiao Network, Alibaba's delivery arm, has completed its first delivery test via drone helicopter in Jingdezhen city in East China's Jiangxi province, the company said Thursday.

  The helicopter, made by BGAC Jiangxi Helicopter Co Ltd, traveled 9.11 kilometers in less than five minutes during the test, carrying a payload of nearly 100 kilograms.

  Drone helicopters, compared with multi-rotor drones, can carry heavier weight and are powered by gas motors, thus packing more power, according to Xu Damiao, general manager of the helicopter company.

  The JH-1 model used for the test weighs around 600 kilograms and can travel up to 160 kilometers per hour at heights of up to 3,000 meters for four hours, Xu said.

  "In mountainous areas like Jingdezhen, conventional delivery might take two or three days, but by using a drone helicopter to drop the packages at the local pickup point, we can achieve same-day delivery," said Chen Gong, who works at a local Cainiao Network station.

  Cainiao is not the only Chinese logistics company to test the waters with drone delivery. A subsidiary of logistics giant SF Express was issued a license in March for commercial drone operation in designated areas, and major online retailer JD.com has also announced plans to use self-developed delivery drones by 2020.

Victoria Educational Organisation cordially invited Dr. Edward Clapp, Principal Investigator at Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education to introduce n early childhood specific framework that supports maker-centred learning.

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 From the carriage hanging in a high-speed road Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The alarming display of bravado was filmed on Friday night as a carriage crammed with teenagers made their way home from the under-18 Good Life music festival held at Flemington Racecourse gift and premium.

The footage, which was provided to A Current Affair, shows a shirtless reveller dangling precariously from the fast moving train as other passengers look on in shock.

At times the boy is seen hanging on with one hand gift premium fair.

Later on in the video the teen raises his middle finger towards other travellers who chant "you are a wanker hk.premiumngifts.com".

It is not known if the teen has been charged over the dangerous stunt, which could have also earned him a fine from Victoria's rail authorities.

Last January a Melbourne teenager who boasted online that he was "the Kelly Slater of train surfing" died when he came into contact with overhead power lines while riding on the roof of a train in the city's southeast. His father Tim Wilkinson at the time said he hoped the death of his 17-year-old son James would serve as a warning to other young thrill-seekers. "If something can come out of it, it's this message to young kids: don't do it. It's unnecessary risk taking, especially when you've been having a drink, because the risk-taking just gets worse," Mr Wilkinson told The Age gift and premium.

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 Smuggling more than 3000 tablets of ecstasy Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Santolla decided he would use his twin brother's passport to flee Australia and return home to Vancouver the day before he was scheduled to be sentenced in Brisbane's Supreme Court.

The only problem for Santolla?

Australian and Canadian authorities were expecting him to flee gift & premium.

"Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officials had been alerted by Australian authorities that Santolla, who was out on bail for a drug-smuggling charge in that country, might attempt to evade the law and return to Vancouver," a CBSA spokesperson said.

"Through investigations, they found that Santolla's twin brother (Taylor Santolla) had flown out of Australia, but there was no record of his re-entry."

When Santolla stepped off the plane on July 11 last year in Vancouver, he was taken into custody gift and premium.

Last month, Santolla entered a guilty plea in British Columbia's Richmond Provincial Court to using someone else's passport to enter Canada and was sentenced to time served, a term of six months.

Today, Santolla, 22, who consented to extradition to Australia, is locked up in a British Columbia prison awaiting a return flight to Brisbane where he will be sentenced on the ecstasy smuggling charge.

Santolla's troubles began in 2008 when Australian Customs officers in Sydney intercepted a package in the post from Canada containing a PlayStation game console filled with 3364 ecstasy tablets executive gift.

Australian Federal Police planted a listening device in the package, replaced the drugs, and tracked it to an address in Surfers Paradise where Canadian tourists Santolla and Jonathon Bradley Reid, both 18 at the time, and a 20-year-old New Zealand man were heard celebrating when they opened it up.

On July 12 last year, in the Supreme Court in Brisbane, Reid was sentenced to three years' jail for attempted possession of a marketable quantity of unlawfully imported MDMA and methylamphetamine hong kong gifts & premium.

Justice Jean Dalton, in sentencing Reid, acknowledged Reid knew nothing about the importation and did not stand to profit, but happened to be at the apartment with Santolla when the package arrived.

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 A man will show human flu like symptoms Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

MOST WOMEN believe men would display man flu-like symptoms and exaggerate their condition if they were capable of suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.

A survey of over 500 women from across Ireland found that 88 per cent of women believed their partner would treat PMS similarly to getting ‘man flu’ on a monthly basis.

Nearly half of the respondents said their husband or boyfriend did not understand the extent to which the condition affected them.

The study also found that women aged between 25 and 34 were the most likely to feel the symptoms of PMS – though almost 90 per cent believed PMS was a normal party of the monthly menstrual cycle.

59 per cent of respondents said it affected their daily lives, while 16 per cent said they sometimes didn’t recognise their own behaviour when falling victim to their symptoms. Despite this, however, 43 per cent of women said they did not do anything to manage their symptoms.

The most common symptoms were cramps (23 per cent), mood swings (17 per cent), feeling sensitive or depressed (16 per cent), and sensitivity in their chest (8 per cent).

The survey was commissioned by health products company Cleanmarine to help promote a new Omega 3 product, Krill Oil for Women, which its makers claim can tackle the symptoms of PMS.

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 The Security Council should not ready to take over the building Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee on Wednesday issued a statement saying plans are being drawn up for the government to take over if the the city council - coping with the massive rebuild following the 2011 earthquake - loses its Building Consent Authority accreditation.

International Accreditation New Zealand has given the council just over two weeks to improve its consenting or lose its accreditation.

"This is to say the very least alarming and, in the circumstances of the massive rebuild we face in Christchurch, a crisis point," Mr Brownlee said.

"The time has come for the government to take urgent action to address the Christchurch City Council's repeated inability to meet statutory timeframes for processing building consents."

For some time the government had grave concerns about the consenting process, despite the council's reassurances, he said.

"We have provided considerable support and advice, but still the council has failed to adequately address its systems, resources and improve the culture of its consenting staff."

Earlier this year the council said it was receiving 35 building applications a day, which was creating a backlog, Mr Brownlee said.

"The council knew this workload was coming and hasn't adequately addressed it. We can't let that continue and will be discussing the government's approach with councillors soon."

The council could not be reached for immediate comment.

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